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At MUSAA, we understand that to promote a social transformation that allows us to live sustainably, fairly and peacefully, we must promote philosophies, theories, and visions that lean towards this paradigm shift. That's why we offer specialized courses that encompass ecofeminist theories in relation to other socio-environmental topics.

Our courses, workshops, discussions, and gatherings take place through projects such as our "conversa-cine" (film conversations), Literary Café, and our Ecofeminist Laboratory. These activities can be conducted online or in-person.

Get to know them below:

Flores violetas

Introduction to Ecofeminism

This course has a methodological proposal divided into three modules, starting by showing the differences and connections between the environmental and feminist movements, their history, the different stages that gave rise to ecofeminism, and an overview of what we consider to be the main currents in which this thinking is divided. You will get to know and study its protagonists, and finally, the challenges that the movement faces.

Stay tuned for the upcoming dates of our courses, "conversa-cine", Literary Café, and Ecofeminist Laboratory, which we will be announcing on our social media.

If you are interested in having us offer a course in your organization, workplace, school, etc., or for more information, please email us at

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