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Our manifesto

We are the daughters of the Earth, the guardians of Nature, and from Abya Yala, the land of our ancestors, we raise our voice in an ecofeminist manifesto. We recognize the deep interconnection between gender oppression and environmental degradation, and we commit to fighting for a world where life in all its forms is respected and valued.

1. We reject the patriarchal and colonial worldview that has led to the excessive exploitation of Nature and the subordination of women. We rise against extractivism, the commodification of life, and the capitalist logic that values economic growth at the expense of environmental destruction and suffering.

2. We value the ancestral knowledge of our indigenous peoples and local communities, who have maintained a harmonious and respectful relationship with Nature for generations. We recognize the importance of care, sustainability, and respect for all beings in building a just and sustainable society.

3. We demand an end to gender-based violence and discrimination against women and gender-diverse individuals. We unite to eradicate misogynistic violence that deprives women of their autonomy and rights, perpetuating oppression and inequality.

4. We embrace an ethic of care and respect for all forms of life, acknowledging that we are part of an interconnected whole. We fight for the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems that sustain life on the planet.

5. We promote the active participation of women and communities in decision-making regarding the enjoyment of natural resources. We defend the right of women to be protagonists in the defense of Nature and in the construction of a fair and equitable society.

6. We oppose megaprojects and the indiscriminate exploitation of natural elements that dispossess communities of their lands and territories. We defend the right of indigenous peoples and local communities to self-determination and the protection of their ancestral territories.

7. We unite our struggles globally, standing in solidarity with women and communities facing oppression and environmental degradation worldwide. We recognize that our struggles are interconnected and that together we can build a fair and sustainable world.

Today, from Abya Yala, we raise our voice to say ENOUGH! Enough of destroying Nature and violating women. We commit to tirelessly work for a future where equality, justice, and respect for all forms of life are the pillars of our society. Together, we rise for a world in harmony with Nature, where life flourishes in all its diversity and beauty.

Together we are the force of change!

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