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Women for Environmental and Food Sustainability

MUSAA is a collective comprised of women from diverse regions who acknowledge that the capitalist economic system and the patriarchal structure have a significant impact on social harmony, the quality of life of human beings, and that of all the species with whom we cohabit the planet.

We are aware that current economic practices have pushed both natural elements and bodies, especially those of women, to the limit of their regenerative capacity.

We understand that urgent action is necessary through regenerative projects that promote ethical economies and reinvigorate community self-management, redefining our way of living.

We emphasize that women are the most affected by the precarization of life imposed by capitalism, reinforced by the inequalities and violence of the patriarchal order. Paradoxically, women sustain life through care work and take action in the face of environmental and social crises.

Our strategy

In MUSAA, we work through Ecofeminist Formation, which is an educational and awareness-raising process aimed at promoting the understanding and integration of ecofeminist principles. The central objective of this educational approach is to sensitize people about the interconnection between the oppression of Nature and gender oppression, and how both are intrinsically linked in society.

We advocate for the Food for the Common Good as a philosophy and approach to food production and distribution, seeking to promote collective well-being and sustainability at the social, economic, and environmental levels. This perspective goes beyond merely satisfying individual food needs and focuses on the benefit of the entire community and the planet.

We invite you to take action to confront the Climate Crisis, implementing measures both locally and globally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a more sustainable and environmentally respectful energy model.


Let's think in an ecofeminist way.

Join the rebellion!

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