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Ecofeminist formation is an educational and awareness-raising process that seeks to address the intersection between feminism and environmentalism, with the objective of understanding and confronting gender inequalities and environmental issues jointly.

This educational approach is based on the idea that gender oppression and the exploitation of Nature are closely linked, and that it is essential to work together to achieve a deeper social and environmental change.

The ecofeminist formation we offer at MUSAA can take place in various contexts, such as educational spaces (classrooms, workshops, courses), non-governmental organizations, collectives, and communities.

Some of the aspects we aim to address are:

1. Analysis of the intersection between gender and the environment: Exploring how gender norms and roles influence people's relationship with the environment, and how environmental issues disproportionately affect women and marginalized groups.

2. Reflection on the patriarchal and capitalist systems: Examining how these systems contribute to the exploitation of Nature and perpetuate gender inequality, and how these systems are interconnected.

3. Valuing local knowledge and practices: Recognizing and valuing local, indigenous, and traditional knowledge and practices related to environmental protection and sustainability.

4. Ecofeminist action and activism: Promoting active participation in actions and movements that seek to defend human rights, environmental justice, and gender equity.

5. Sustainability and environmental ethics: Encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices and lifestyles that respect the environment and all forms of life.

6. Dialogue and collaboration: Promoting dialogue between different perspectives and social actors, seeking collaborations and alliances to address environmental and gender issues jointly.

Our proposal for ecofeminist education aims to create critical awareness and active commitment to promote gender equity and environmental justice, and to work towards a more sustainable and equitable society for all people and Nature.

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Ecofeminist Formation

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