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Territory Network

Ecofeminist Volunteering is an expression of social participation aimed at strengthening the sense of collectivity among women and gender diversities in the facing of the current socio-environmental crisis.

From an ecofeminist perspective, we practice a narrative that opposes patriarchal violence; we express ourselves with empathy, collectivity, connection, and respect for Nature. We are inclusive and open to new developments and evolutions of ecofeminist theories and other compatible ones.

We embrace Active Non-Violence (NoVA) and self-defense as a form of denunciation, resistance, and expression against socio-environmental injustices.

Through the participation of volunteers, we reinforce values such as solidarity, sisterhood, reciprocity, support, and respect for all forms of life in Nature.

Ecofeminist volunteering also has specific learning objectives because one of our most important tools as MUSAA is ecofeminist pedagogy, ensuring an assimilation of the most important values and philosophy within ecofeminist theory that can be expressed in each of the activities we carry out as an organization.

  • If you want to volunteer with MUSAA in your free time.

  • If you want to learn about ecofeminism.

  • If you are interested in conscious eating, adopting vegetarian or vegan diets, or knowing how to take care of your body/territory/land through nutrition.

  • If you have knowledge about agroecology, permaculture, nutrition, gastronomy, climate emergency, and want to share this knowledge, or if you want to learn about these topics.

  • If you want to implement an ecological garden in a school or your community.

  • If you are interested in creating a solidarity economy network in your community.

  • If you want to explore alternative ways of inhabiting your body/territory while facing climate crisis.

  • If you want MUSAA to offer a course from its ecofeminist training program. Contact us.

Local Groups

These groups of volunteers are located in various parts of the territory and also receive periodic training sessions with the aim of disseminating ecofeminist theory.

They can also adopt one or both of our campaigns to replicate activities or develop local projects that reinforce the objectives of our campaigns.

Social Service

The support of social services is always useful to us, and we will correspond with many ecofeminist experiences and knowledge.

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